Student Materials Regulations

Student Materials Regulations
Victor Valley Union HSD
Administrative Regulation
Overdue, Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials

AR 6162.2

Whenschool property has been willfully damaged or not returned upon demand,the principal or designee shall inform the parent/guardian in writingof the responsible student's alleged misconduct and the reparation thatmay be due.

This notice shall include astatement that the district may withhold grades, diploma or transcriptsfrom the student and parent/guardian until reparation is made and/orsend the debt balance to Credit Management Systems. (Education Code48904 (b#(1##

The following process shall be followed by each school site:

  1. Students and parents will be reminded through an NTI call at the end of the school year that all books must be returned and fines paid.
  2. At the beginning of the next school year, 2 more NTIs will be made giving parents a 3 week deadline to clear all charges.
  3. After the three weeks, letters will be sent to those students still owing with a clearance deadline.
  4. After clearance deadline #beginning of November# all remaining charges will be sent to Credit Management Systems.

#cf. 5131.5 - Vandalism, Theft and Graffiti#

#cf. 6161.2 - Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials#

Ifreparation is not made, the district shall afford the student his/herdue process rights in conformance with Education Code expulsionprocedures and may withhold the student's grades, diploma or transcriptsand send the debt balance to Credit Management Systems.

#cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process#

Ifthe student and parent/guardian are unable to return the property orpay for any charges in full, the principal or designee shall provide apayment contract for the student. Contracts current on payments will beconsidered in process and will not result in withheld clearances or besent to Credit Management Systems. When the payments are completed, thestudent's grades, diploma or transcripts shall be released and theirdebt to the school considered satisfied.

Ifthe charges have been sent to Credit Management Systems, the studentand parent/guardian must make payment arrangements with CreditManagement Systems.

If the student andparent/guardian are unable to pay for the damages or return theproperty, the principal or designee shall provide a program of voluntarywork for the student to do. When this voluntary work is completed, thestudent's grades, diploma or transcripts shall be released and theirdebt to the school considered satisfied. If the charges have been sentto Credit Management Systems, the student and parent/guardian areresponsible for any charges owed to Credit Management Systems.#Education Code 48904 #b)#2))

If siteprincipals have evidence that a student may not be at fault for incurredlosses, the principal shall work with the library personnel to initiatea Payment or Work Contract.

No site administration shall waive charges.

Libraries will not collect any fees owed to Credit Management Systems.

Whena student from whom the district is withholding grades, diploma ortranscripts transfers to another district, this information shall besent to the new district with the student's records and a request thatthese items continue to be withheld until the new district receivesnotification that the debt has been cleared.

Ifa parent pays the district or site for a book and then returns the bookat a later date, a refund will be given when the parent provides awritten request accompanied by the original receipt and the book has notbeen declared obsolete by the district. Any damage charges will bededucted from the book refund total.

Refunds will not be given for books that have been paid to Credit Management Systems.

Certainafter school activities will require a library and ASB clearance. Thisincludes athletics, cheerleading, drama productions and any otheractivities that require eligibility and/or try-outs.

In order to be considered clear, students must have no overdue library or textbooks and owe no charges of any kind.

Legal Reference:


48904 Liability of parent

48904.3Withholding grades, diplomas, or transcripts of pupils causing propertydamage or injury; transfer of pupils to new school districts; notice torescind decision to withhold

48911 Suspension by principal, designee or superintendent

49069 Absolute right to access


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